Monday, July 5, 2010

My Dirty Knitting Secret

I am only going to tell you one secret to start with, I am sure I have more than one. OK deep breath.....

I don't understand the weights of yarn very well. I think I understand what is called for in a pattern. I can not tell by looking at a yarn what weight it is. I use a lot of fingering weight yarn or what is commonly known as sock yarn. I can usually identify that, but if I was forced to positively identify fingering or sport weight yarn I don't think I could do it without referencing Ravelry.

I bought yarn at the Washington County Fiber Festival last September because of its color. I bought purely out of love at first sight, unfortunately it was without a clue as to what it would become. As I purchased I did remember to ask what weight it is so I could go pattern hunting. It was bulky weight about as far from what I think of as my yarn style as you can get. I must admit that I had a fun time working with something different.

I don't get why things like that are not always labeled. I can not be the only person with this secret. Oh and while I am on the topic why don't they always put the weight of the yarn on a pattern too? I get that patterns are developed around the yarn most of the time. I understand they are trying to create a demand for the yarn, but some people will never have access to the yarn.

I was surprised to see a story that more than half of the patterns are knit using the exact yarn, down to the same color, that is called for in the pattern. I can see how people fall in love with what they see I've done it myself. I am surprised that it is more than half of the time.

Anyways that is my first acknowledged knitting secret. Anyone want to volunteer their secret?

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