Thursday, July 8, 2010

How I plan a vacation

Once we decide where we are going I start researching. I look up things on the internet. I checkout every book in the library even remotely related to where we will be going. I find out all there is to do and see in the area. I research hotels, B&Bs, rental cars, public transportation and of course yarn shops.

I present my findings to the Hubby as a long list of "we could". I basically make myself an amateur tour guide of the area. We discuss and I implement our (my) plan. I book it all.

In the week leading up to our departure when people start asking me if I am getting excited, I usually reply No. I used to think it is because I don't travel well and I don't want to work myself up before hand, but now I know that is only part of it.

I had just spent the last so many months at DefCon III planning this thing. I have used up all my excitement till I get to see it in person. Think maybe that is why I crash like a 6 year old kid after a three day weekend of birthday parties?

Don't get me wrong, you know how much I love lists and planning. Each trip is like the Super Bowl for me. I can not believe I made it here today! I am so lucky!

Oh maybe I should go look up Nova Scotia, D talked about going there one day maybe I should just check in to that.

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  1. You should try one of those all-inclusive resorts. Then you really don't have to do any planning because they have everything available and you can just do it!