Thursday, November 3, 2016

Rhinebeck-Free Chicken Socks

Burt and I are negotiating lap time. I was hoping for a knitting companion so you know that I love this. We did discuss knitting on Burt pictures and he thinks they are OK, especially when we're feeling all cozy. 

Yes indeed he did allow me to knit some socks. I love the colors on these! Hmm these seem to be complementary to Burt too. I think my cat color is influencing my sock colors?! Wait I bought this yarn before we even thought about getting Burt. Whew.

Socks That Rock lightweight in the Free Range Chickens colorway. I just love the feeling of new socks. I did a bit of a weird needle mashup. The cubic needles I have make me knit just a bit tighter. Which works out well for getting nice color changes like you see above. But I still need a loose enough sock to get it on my foot, so I subbed in one of my round needles with four cubic needles. Just enough stretch to make a nice sock with great color pooling stripes.

Burt spent some of his time supervising from his newest perch also know as the spa. He hopped up and started to take a bath in it, plus he does his own nails on the scratching post below.

I brought home a new toy the other day and Burt fell in love with it. The mouse is tucked under his head here.

It is called a Cat Catcher, it is the little bristly mouse on a wire attached to a short stick. My friend Burt is so possessive of his wee mousie that he tries to back away and run with it. He is so sure he will win tug of war that he pulled the string out of his mouse while growling at me. Sort of a my mouse, low growl.

I had to reattach the mouse but further play means it is falling apart. Mousie time is limited till I can get a replacement.

I told Burt that the mouse is not as much fun when he gets grabby like that but he remains unconvinced. He thinks he may be "sorry" if that is what I need to hear.

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  1. Those socks are gorgeous! That's a very interesting method you used with your needles. I've never knit with cubic ones, but that's smart of you to put in a round one to adjust the tension. I'd go on about that, but Burt is so distractingly cute that I have to stop now and go back to look at his pictures. :)