Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Knitting Tales to Tell

Well my friends I continue to knit my little fingers off. At this rate I will have to buy more yarn, oh bother. I am using some of my knitting time to catch up my sadly neglected knitting journal. It was only a year and a half behind when I started working on it. When you get busy it is more important to blog than write in a journal only you will read. Still important but wow the catching up is taking me for a walk down memory lane. For instance I just logged this yarn in as a Rhinebeck purchase from last year.  

Fiber Optic Foot Notes in Prism Break

Yay that means I am only a year behind now. Anyways I don't love how it is working up but I've got more than a half of sock done... and I am strongly resisting the urge to cast something else on. I've only got two socks on the needles and I think it may be getting to me.

I ordered some yarn for a new sweater for D and was anxiously awaited its arrival. Just as I was about to email the company to inquire when it would be shipped, just like that it had been sent off. Anyone in the midwest want to wave to my yarny plane?

While I was picking out the yarn I showed it to D and he was amazed at the price. He thought all my yarn was as valuable as my fancy sock yarn. But hey I can economize and knit a sweater for under fifty too, and I get all the fun of playing with the yarn for a month or so. Ooo and he can claim to have another bespoke sweater. Quite a value.

In other knitting news D spotted a knitter in the wild for me and we had a lovely conversation. D and I were attending a talk at the library when he pointed out a cute bag covered in sheep. Turns out the bag contained a sweater in progress. We had a lovely chat after I showed of my sock in progress and the socks we were both wearing. We may have even convinced the knitter to knit some pink socks for her hubby. She claimed that he should not wear "girlie" colors. Good thing my hubby is confident enough to wear anything I knit for him. I will however hold off pink sweaters for the time being. 

And you all know Burt wants to make an appearance on the blog. This was from a while ago. The first time he joined me for making dinner. That cute little kitty cutout behind him says The only self cleaning thing in the house is the cat. I bought it years ago and now I have the matching cat!

The astute among you will recognize My Favorite Sheep mug which always makes my tea taste better.

I think I smell the bread I am baking, such a lovely smell, if you'll excuse me.


  1. Can I come over and hang out and knit?

    1. You sure can. I'll put the kettle on for you too. I cannot promise Burt won't try to give you some hairs though.