Monday, October 24, 2016

Now Including Knitting with Burt

Oh yes Casa del Burton has been picture happy lately. First he thought he would provide complementary color to the sock I'm working on for D.

I gotta show them my white bits too, so they can really see how close it is.

Then before Momma could find some missing socks for D some clearance yarn made its way to our house. It was indeed a good value.

Psshaw Momma you just really like knitting socks for Daddy. 
You did find some missing from the move socks so it is not quite so dire.
I will say it is a nice manly business brown color though, suitable for suit wearing days.

Let me see that first sock again. It is a bit wild for suit days. 
But see how nice it goes with my just discovered bed though...

No really it is fine I don't want to destroy knit things, yet?

So here is a collection of what I've been knitting lately. My Rhinebeck-Free Chickens is on the left. I love how it is knitting up sorta stripy. D's Burt approved Majesty sock on the top. And D's knit night sock that I am mostly working on at, you got it, knit night. I'm enjoying getting out and meeting some other knitters.

Momma, that is not all the socks you're knitting is it?

No Burt it is not but they are all the ones handy at picture time is that OK with you? 

OK just don't drape any on me and take funny pictures.
What do you mean it is part of my job?
I did not see knitwear model on that contract you signed, but you know I am pretty darn cute, it may have been implied.
Oh and that sweater you left on the bed the other day was nice and toasty...


  1. It could be me but Burt is adorable and he goes well with anything you knit!

    1. He is pretty adorable. It is nice having someone furry depending on me again.

  2. The Rhinebeck-Free Chickens yarn is so cool! I can't wait to see how they turn out!