Friday, January 17, 2014

Raspberry Moose Socks

After hemming and hawing around I burrowed deep into my stash and heard the call of the Raspberry Moose.

I picked up this skein of Socks That Rock at Rhinebeck (where else?) in 2011. Take that three year old stash! Ahem, dealing with three year olds can be a bit trying. Luckily for me I had let this yarn and myself marinate for just the right amount of time. 

We have agreed that we would like to finally knit the Nemesis Socks

Things are moving along quite nicely, I have 3/4 of the pattern repeat done. Oddly enough the yarn looks more tan than lilac while I am knitting with it.

I am trying to knit more patterned socks with the solid and semisolid yarns that I have. Partly because that is one of the reasons I bought them. And partly because I need some fancier socks to show off my knitting skills. I love plain knit brightly colored socks but knitting fancier socks does not take as long as I think it does. It seems like I can whip out a pair of plain socks rather quickly but the patterned socks only stay on the needles an extra month or so. I am just so much of a product knitter that I get wound up that last month.

Really I've just been distracting myself from the urge to buy sweater yarn. I am wearing the same three or four sweaters every week. The weather had been so cold I was unwilling to go without them.

I believe I have figured out what to do on my first set in sleeve sweater so I can get moving on that one too. I've been telling myself I need to finish that one before I can start the next one, but I always have more than one pair of socks on the needles. Why not more than one sweater? An Arctic blast enveloping the country is just enough to make a knitter's fingers twitch.

See you at the yarn shop tomorrow?

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