Saturday, January 4, 2014

Next challenge accepted

The new year always makes me take stock of previous years. I'm not one for new year's resolutions but I do find myself assessing my life a bit more when the calendar changes, maybe it is because I get a new calender. I wonder if I would feel the same if I had one of those perpetual ones? I bet I would get bored with the same pictures though.

Life has been tough again for our dear boy Gus. He had another bout of going off his food and vomiting. In spite of that I had a relatively restful Christmas. I like to think there is only so much worrying I can do.

Then he started in with litter box issues, mimicking behavior I associate with urinary tract infection or obstruction. I spent a less than restful time in the animal ER, which has to be one of the most hopeful/depressing places on Earth. I was just sure he had and obstruction, just sure of it. You know my mommy intuition is never wrong, except in this case.

After three vet visits and an ER visit in four days, who would have thought that a referral to see an internal medicine vet with potential abdominal ultrasound would have sent me over the edge into tears. Yep another two people at my vet's office got to see me cry.

Now I am not one of those people that think crying is only for the weak, but I am not a fan of doing it in public. I'm too much of a private person to think that blubbering all over the place is an ideal situation. However, I do condone crying as an emotional release in dealing with stress. It was way past time for me to de-stress in that fashion. Poor Hubby, he sees the real me quite a bit. But then again that is what marriage is all about right? If you can not fall to pieces in front of your spouse, who can you trust?

So we see a new vet on Tuesday, and Gus may have another set of shaved belly pictures coming up. But he is still kicking and so am I. D is still picking up all my tissues from the other night. (I jest)

Hey my belly fur grew back once I can do it again!
Why did you take pictures of this mom?

I think we will be signing up for Comeback Team this year. 


  1. Fur problems totally warrant tears. Sending good wishes!

    1. Thank you, I knew you would understand.

  2. I would have dissolved into a puddle of teas myself! Many, many hugs!