Monday, January 6, 2014

Continuing on

I find myself a bit lost in my knitting at the start of this new year. I have no desire to get everything off the needles and something new on the needles based on January 1. But last year I ended up focusing on a couple of projects for Christmas, neither of them making an appearance on the actual day. And now I seem to be at loose ends with knitting. I don't yet have a case of startitis where I am fighting against starting all the projects I intend to knit in the upcoming year.

No this time I have peruse-itis, I keep wandering over to my yarn basket and digging through. My knitting books have been taken off the shelves and strewn in various rooms. I feel like I want to start something but I don't know what. OK wait I know I want to knit some socks because that urge is always with me. But what else to knit? I am trying to pair yarn with patterns and they don't seem to be matching. I can not envision what I want.

Plus that sweater bug is not going to stay sedated from finishing D's sweater for much longer. I can feel sweater bug stirring. I want some nice warm sweaters to wear to work. Simple sweaters are on the list of possibilities because hey simple sweaters are great too. But part of me wants to make some warm statement sweaters. You know the kind, people say "Wow you knit that?" with utter disbelief in their voices.

Don't worry that I am not knitting though I have a plain pair of socks in some lovely hand dyed yarn riding around as my purse knitting. They got tucked in my purse on a snowy forecast day, I had just finished D's late Christmas socks the night before. I almost walked out of the house with no knitting, then I thought what if you get stuck somewhere without any knitting? The horror of that thought had me packing up a partially knit sock quite quickly. I may have tossed in a couple of chocolates too. You can never be too careful when it comes to winter driving.

So now I am just trying to relax into this phase of my knitting, the possibilities are endless. And that is what is making it so darn hard. Maybe I'll just go pull out a few sweater books now. Oh and a hat would come in handy right now too. I'll just go check my basket of yarn, again...

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