Saturday, January 11, 2014

It is tough being the kitty Momma

D tells me this all the time. Since I am the primary caretaker I get all the guff Gus is willing to give. Sometimes I use this as a health gauge. The more guff I get the better he is feeling, maybe. Other times he is just fed up with pills, needles and mom checking on him.

This week was tough because we had our appointment with an internist and an ultrasound. We got good news that it is not visible cancer but there was no definitive answer as to what it is. The diagnosis was five possible things and ended with "& others". At least I did not hear he's an old cat an there is nothing you can do. 

He seems to be doing better this week but that can turn on a dime. He was eating very well before this last bout. There is a lot of worrying when you're the kitty momma.

As I was waiting I was knitting on a sock for my Mom. I heard one of the technicians tell another that is what she wanted to learn. I chatted her up a bit and recommended youtube as a supplement to learning from a book. I had suggested a yarn shop class but her hours are long and she actually lives hours away.

I did see her again before we left and finally remembered to recommend Ravelry too. I think it is a great way to connect with the knitting community especially if you live in a more remote location. I'm thinking of making up some business cards with Ravelry info on them. That way when I run across a wishful knitter I could give them something to refer to later. If they're anything like me they forget websites 2 seconds after you mention them.

Now tell me if this is a weird idea. She specifically mentioned socks as one of the things she would like to make. I just went through my knitting book collection and wanted to give away a couple I don't use any more. Would it be weird to make up a little package and drop it off to the vet's office for her? You know some items that I don't use anymore but a new knitter could experiment with?

I mean I am already a crazy cat lady why not be a crazy sock knitting enabling lady too?


  1. Annette & I gave Carla yarn we don't use plus lots of leftovers from projects to practice with & I got her some sock books as she too wants to learn. I don't see a problem with what you suggest. I see it as encouragement from a kitty Mamma

  2. Have they discussed the possibility of a gluten allergy?