Saturday, July 6, 2013

What's that?

Yes, I've been distracted lately. Distracted, sucked in, or obsessed you choose. My Color Affection shawl is melting though my fingers. It is going so well that I can not put it down. I can not even put it down long enough to take pictures. If this is what project monogamy feels like, I may just give up polygamy. 

I have found my groove and it looks nothing like a rut from where I am sitting. I love the yarn, the colors, and the simplicity of the pattern. I even have new knitting books to read and all I've done is give them a cursory paging through. I'm sure  they are full of new things for me but I have a serious case of knitting tunnel vision. 

On the flip side I found I can knit this pattern while reading my kindle quite easily one I find the right place to prop it. I don't think my current selection is the best to knit with. Tess Gerritsen's The Surgeon may be a touch too gruesome. It is the first of the Rizzoli and Isles series but I've read that Isles does not show. I like the TV series and I love Angie Harmon as an actress. So I thought I would give the books a try. Plus I think my sister recommended the series. I may not have her tastes exactly but I do like most of it. I know I love talking books with her so here will be one more to hash over. She never quite developed my English romance novel fetish. Hermpft.

So don't worry about me, I'm knitting to my little fingers content. I have started thinking that I need to pick up my Rhinebeck the Second sweater so I have it done by October. But nice thick wool does not sound too good in this weather lately. I may have to bust a move in September when it will be theoretically cooler. Of course I could always wear last year's Rhinebeck since it spent the day in the trunk because it was too hot. 

Anyways my shawl has sent out the siren song, I best get knitting before my fingers start twitching. 



  1. I was looking through my skeins of sock yarn today and there is one that I think really needs to another colour to work with. If I find a third one to go with it, maybe this is the project I should use it for!

    1. Go for it. I am really loving it now. (But I bet you knew that.)

      i've never really liked the look of garter stitch but it works so well in shawls, especially this one.