Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happiness and Joy

The shawl that will not be photographed is done. It is still not photographed because it still needs ends woven in but the knitting is done.

I tried it on last night with bits of yarn hanging off and Whoa Baby, I think I am in love. All I can say is that Rhinebeck better be cold enough for me to need a sweater and a big honking shawl too. Oh wait a minute I am trying to talk D into tent camping with me that weekend. How about cool enough to enjoy a fire but warm enough that water does not freeze in the tent. What am I thinking? I married an Eagle Scout, we don't keep anything that smells like food in the tent, except for us tasty midwesterners.

I am also a bit of a goober too because I was thrilled that I started the shawl on June 16th and managed to finish it on July 16th. I can finish a big project in a month. Of course one of D's sweaters proved this a couple of years ago too. But it is nice to know me fingers are not losing any quickness.

Now by my count I have three semi-active socks on the needles, I should think about applying my finger nimbleness to them rather than casting on something new. There are a couple of other projects that have marinated quite long enough too. But let's not turn this into a guilt post. I have a lovely new shawl that I've dreamed about creating for months. Life is good.

I am off to weave in some ends.


  1. I can't wait to see it done! I'm always surprised at how big that shawl is. I'm also always amazed at the colour combos people come up with.

    1. I am amazingly happy with the color combos I chose. There are a couple of tweaks I would like to try on the next one, but I am very happy with the one I have.