Saturday, July 27, 2013

Thanks to my other Mom

Let me tell you a story. D and I met while we were in high school, which of course means that we were both still living with our parents. D's Mom was a very successful Avon lady. Avon's Presidential club awarded porcelain figurines of Mrs. Albee, the first Avon lady. This was before it was even Avon.

She displayed the figurines on a corner shelf in the living room. I found this to be a rather bold plan since she had two rambunctious boys living in the house. However D's mom is a very intelligent and practical lady, there were some unspoken, nonspecific threats as to consequences if a Mrs Albee met a broken fate. 

A few years after we were married Mom said she was thinking of getting rid of her collection. I hemmed,  I hawed, I asked D if he would ask his mom for my favorite. Nameless threats will do something to a boy, he told me I could ask her myself. You see he never really loved Mrs Albee as I did. 

I did a bit of research and found that they were not worth quite as much as they were in my mind. So I worked up my courage and placed a call. I offered to buy my favorite but Mom said she would give it to me, did I want any of the other ones?

I give you my favorite Mrs Albee, 1986. 
All dressed up for the ball.

Look at that dress can you imagine?

1986 was the 100 year anniversary of the Statue of Liberty. Her pamphlet is from the 1886 dedication.

The seams and lace detail are delicately painted on. 

I received her as a Christmas present, I think. I know have four figurines and some were Christmas presents. She is safely tucked away in our china cabinet. Which is one of the last places my boys like to play near. She should be safe for a while now.

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