Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A tale of two socks

Have you ever had yarn just call to you? You know the color is just perfect and you've never seen something like it? I fell in love with Bittersweet Woolery's Terrible Lizard yarn a few years ago.

It made some beautiful socks if I do say so myself. I really love that almost fluorescent green in there. Plus it knit without pooling or any other funky color things going on.

Then at Rhinebeck that same year I bought my first (and only) skein of Miss Babs in Maple Surrender. See how the skeins look nothing alike?

Well except for the green, brown, rusty red colors. How was I to know?

At knitting group this last weekend I finished my Maple Surrender socks. Pretty aren't they?

The heel is nice and jazzy too.

I just happened to be wearing my Terrible Lizard socks that day. When I tried on one of my new socks next to one of my old socks...

OK on the grass they don't look as similar as the did inside, but I sure do understand that feeling of deja vu while I was knitting on these.

Don't worry I won't mix them up and I won't love one less. We have a must love wool rule at our house.

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