Friday, April 26, 2013

Sad socks

I was digging through sorting out my sock yarn remainders the other day.You know since they no longer fit in the big bag I gave them and have now demanded a second big bag.

I like to keep them as they have come in handy repairing a few holes. But sometimes it is just amazing to realize how many socks I have knit in the six years I've been knitting. 

Most of the time I remember what the yarn is and where it came from, but I found a ball I did not recognize. Really most of the time when I hold the remaining yarn I get a mental picture of the socks that I created. I tend to think of how well they're holding up or how old they are. Maybe even what went wrong with them. 

But while holding the remainders of the bottom skein I was stumped for a minute. Maybe the time has come that I don't remember each project like I did because of the sheer volume of the project roster? But I don't think that is the case since  I could remember all the yarn around it. I formed a mental picture each time I picked up a yarn but for this one.

It hit me that maybe I no longer remember because the socks no longer match the yarn? I took a walk down sock memory lane and found these.

My nice rich Summitless socks are now a pale pink imitation of what the color they were before.

And I remembered putting the socks away a year ago and looking at them like I had not knit them myself. When did I knit pink socks? (Not that there is anything wrong with pink socks, I just tend to go for more darker colors.)

So yeah your memory fades along with the sock yarn sometimes. The reason you don't remember knitting it is that you did not knit it in that color. 

On the plus side the actual yarn is holding up very well in the knit form. Just the color was lost. On the minus side I still have the top skein in my stash. Guess I won't worry too much about making fancy socks out of that one. I may just get another pale imitation. 

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