Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Road trip planning

I am the planner of the family. When vacation time comes around, I check out books from the library and visit websites. If there is something to see along the way I usually know about it. I am the one that makes a list of places we could stay, things we could do and where we could eat. All of that is me.

I am not a dictator though, I make all my lists and then we sit down and talk about the options. I've learned that every minute does not need to be planned but I like to wake up with a day full of options. Usually it is a joint decision with me narrowing down the options.

This time though we talked early on trying to decide where our destination would be. We spoke of a few places but D kept telling me he wanted to be near the water this time. Finally we settled on Portsmouth New Hampshire. D remembered this wee bit of New Hampshire's coast from when we drove up to Maine quite a few years ago.

So I started my planning but this year D took the lead with our lodgings. He booked us in to a lovely B&B. I think he likes B&Bs almost as much as I do now. I think it may be the allure of drinking a good cup of tea in a nice garden, or it may be the waffles he received in Portland OR.

D's deciding factor in choosing the B&B was that the owner/operator is a knitter. He is so used to living with me that he just could not stay under the roof of a non-knitter. No I don't really think that but it pleased me to have him think of this for me. A little knitter talk over the breakfast table really helps me get into vacation mode.

He has found a few lighthouses, a submarine and beaches to tour around. And speaking of tours how about a brewery tour?

Yep this trip is coming together nicely. Did I tell you the best part? D has even agreed to a detour on the way out. I get to stop at Webs Yarn store on the way out. You know they bill themselves as America's yarn store. I may be hitting their website a bit lately, you know just to see what they have. The sock yarn selection seems adequate, hee hee. I may even find the yarn for my Color Affection shawl there, and probably twelve other projects too.

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