Saturday, April 20, 2013

Not a hard time at all

Well submitting my first home owners claim was not difficult. The questions they asked and how it broke out was interesting. The most interesting question: Was the tree live? Which lead to the best quote: We can not hold someone liable for having a live tree in their yard. 

We were not trying to assign blame but I guess the insurance company may need to at times. I really did not want this to turn into a feud. Remember neighbors are people too, we all have to live somewhere. Luckily they are nice neighbors and left a note on our door the next day. They offered the use of a tarp for the shed but a storm was rolling in and we decided that the tarp most likely would not make it though the night. The way the wind was whipping and the rain hit out windows I am sure it would not have made it.

Really the scene is a bit like Niagara Falls. You see it from the American side (neighbor's side) and it is unimpressive. Then you go to the Canadian side (our side) and wow, it is much bigger than it looked on the other side.

We hope good will has been passed both ways now. As D told them, you never know we may be living next door for 30 years, we may be paying you back in a couple of years. 

We learned something really important about our neighbor. They have a kegerator (refrigerator + a special setup for a 1/4 keg),  I may just need to borrow a glass of beer. Plus if the power goes out they will need to dispose of the beer before it goes bad. Hey I am just trying to be a good neighbor!


  1. Claims are always so weird. My boss said that he had to answer questions from worker's compensation about someone who had fallen down the stairs at work. "Was the person trained in the activity?" "Will the person require any training in the activity when she returns to work?" Sigh... I understand the need to cover all bases, but really?

    The kegerator sounds fascinating! I'm not usually a beer drinker, but I wouldn't mind helping to test that out!

  2. Don't laugh, D had to receive instruction on how to walk down stairs, yep you guessed it he fell at work. So now he has been instructed in how to use a hand rail.

    1. I'm sure he feels much better informed now!