Tuesday, April 23, 2013


With spring in the air and clogging up my brain with allergies, I have returned to doing a bit of yarn making. 

Well I don't know if I can call it yarn making when I've not used any yet for actual knitting. Of course using that analogy, none of my stash is yarn because it has not yet been knit. That is right Hubby it is not stash, just potential knitting.

I was trying to spin a bit thicker than my apparent normal fineness is but it just turned out a bit lumpy. I guess that is what you get when it takes you 6+ months to spin up one braid of fiber. I was worried that the spinning bug had left me. But as with many things it seems it has a season. While I thought this brown was nice it was not the most exciting color to spin. There were no drastic color changes to entertain me, just brown, brown and more brown.

If you will notice that is one of my 2012 Rhinebeck spindles. It is a bit heavier which is what I asked for to help with plying. It has a nice long shaft that holds a good amount of wool. You know since once I get spinning I usually stay spinning. Weird how that works, sounds a bit like a law of physics.

D helped me out the other night by powering the ball winder while I kept the single ply from tangling. He even helped me wind the two tails together to form a plying ball. Such a good Hubby, he must be bucking for another pair of socks.

Now if I could just force myself to wash the new yarn and really set the twist. Maybe I should just go fluff some fiber instead.

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