Thursday, May 24, 2012

Camping is In-Tents

Whew! We're back from our longest camping trip to date, five nights. We have mostly cleaned up and put away all the gear, but man it takes a lot of effort to take it easy. This is us just fresh at the campsite all excited and clean.

Shirts say Camping is In-Tents.
Yes that is right we now have matching camping shirts! I could not resist these at the store and bought them as a hokey surprise for D. Turns out (as I suspected) that he has an hokey sense of humor just the same as I do. We did not cook out the first night due to set up night logistics and went into town for dinner where we were mistaken for "crew members." What kind of crew we were not told but apparently crew members always wear the same shirts.

Oh, in case you were worried the Yarnkettle crew just will not travel without some of the comforts of home.

We always learn something new each trip and we have a long list of things we will do differently and things that worked just fine. I feel bad just saying this but I will not bring so many knitting projects next time. I brought five and that was after I had talked myself out of at least two more. I still don't know just exactly how long I thought I needed to be gone or just how short my attention span is. We did a couple of day trips and that eats into my knitting time. It is difficult to be the sparkling conversationalist you see here. Husbands take a lot of entertaining, no I think it is that food takes more preparation when you don't have an oven, refrigerator or sink, right handy.

Live and learn people it is the stuff of life. Now don't mind me I'm off to watch a civilizing episode of Downton Abbey.

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