Friday, May 25, 2012

Things I learned while camping - this time

Yep this trip was yet another learning experience. What fun would it be if we stopped learning? Life would get pretty boring in my opinion. So what did we learn? As mentioned yesterday take less knitting. Did I just say that again? Also keep the knitting simple and washable. Camping is not your normal setup, charts don't work so well and it is dirty in the woods. If it rains then it is muddy in the woods. Make it something interesting but not so precious that it can not carry off a mud stain.

Second, the bike rack makes a great place to unpack some of your stuff but keep it off the ground, you know in the beginning when you still care about your stuff staying clean.

At this point I can not stress the importance of lists too. I was packing things inside and D was packing all that stuff into the car. Right before we left I pulled out my list and started reading off things that should be in the car. When I came to sleeping bags we both paused and looked at each other...neither one of us had grabbed the sleeping bags! That would have been one uncomfortable trip huddled together under my tiny polar fleece lap blanket. Well that or more likely it would have been expensive since I would have whined till we went to the store and bought new bags. I can be pretty convincing when I am cold.

Third, recycling is good too. I made some socks a while back that felted and are now way too small to fit on my feet. So what makes a better pot holder than felted wool? Nothing in my opinion.

They are a tad thiner than the other felted pot holders I have made but they do get the job done if you do it quickly. Plus wool is flame resistant so bonus.

Fourth, I love my little tent! This is not new to this trip but I love her nonetheless. I did notice this time that she was made in Sri Lanka so she is now officially dubbed the Tea Tent. Sri Lanka was once Ceylon where some mighty fine tea grows. The name is just a bit off since we can not actually have tea or food in the sleeping tent, alas. Still she kept me toasty like a cup of tea would.

Fifth, things go bump in the night quite a bit in the woods. Well not so much bump as scurry scurry. I will save my story for another post but we are pretty sure those are some masked bandit paw prints. Do you see the very faint toe impressions on the right print? Shifty Eddie sends his regards.

Sixth, and this one is not entirely new either, the Tea Tent is an awesome place to read a book or nap. Well mostly nap in.

Yes Dozer my little stuffed horse came with us too. He is the perfect pillow when you're trying to read. The boys declined to make the trip with us, I wonder why? Lack of napping spots or something else?


  1. I have to admit, I am not a camping-type person. I'm afraid I'm a bit too high-maintenance for that. I love the outdoors, hiking, nature... but I like to sleep indoors. Having said that, the felted socks/potholders are way cool!

  2. Thanks, it was a nice way to keep using something I'd made. I don't know if I would use them in front of company, but they will do to keep me from burning myself as much.