Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Reworking it

I make socks,  a lot of socks. Sometimes they fit great and sometimes they need a touch more love. The purple pair pictured below needed a touch more love.

Can you see the sock below the lower sock? That one fits my foot. The purple short sheeted socks did not. They are made from Colinette Jitterbug yarn, and while it is lovely yarn I made my leg portion too long to make a decent foot portion. 

I saw this coming somehow while knitting but did not want to rip it all out and thought how short can it be? Turns out short enough to matter. I had set aside the first sock as the thought that I may not have enough yarn hit me. I started working the second sock from the outside of the yarn ball and worked them both down to an amount of yarn that I thought I would need for the toes. 

I think I came up at least an inch short. I denied that it would be a problem and proceeded to wear them quite a few times. The issue was my foot needed a set amount of space and would pull the back of the sock down into my shoe to get that amount of space. Many days there is no denying the laws of physics, I foot needs a space and that space does not change with the size of the sock you make. 

So the socks got kicked out of rotation because they were uncomfortable and I did not want to cause undue wear on them. They sat and sat......

Till one day I realized I have a great pair of socks that I could be wearing, and I had yarn that would work with them, sort of. So I ripped back the toe and knit to the length I needed and joined in yarn when I needed it and voila. New old socks.

I feel sort of secret squirrel about them because they look normal in a pair of shoes till you take them out for a spin, then special toes.

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  1. Those toes are adorable! I assume these were knit from the cuff down... is that how you managed to rip back the toe?

    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I'd love to send you one of the cards! Send me an email to zooguitar [at] yahoo dot co dot uk and tell me which one you'd like, and if you'd like me to leave it blank or not. And your mailing address as well, of course!