Monday, November 22, 2010

I have Russian Yarn!

D's coworker went to Russia and now I have Russian yarn! I debated about asking for it. She has benefited from my knitting and seems to truly like it. I thought it might be asking too much. Many people do not appreciate wool like knitters do. Although I would think that Russians would be able to appreciate the insulating properties of wool.

Yes, I am excited. My yarn is 100% wool yarn, and a color I like too (a rusty red.) So I will be looking on Ravelry for a hat pattern. It seems to me like it wants to be a hat. Ooo what about Knotty from Knitty. I bet D would look really good in it. I will post pictures when it is light enough for me to get a decent picture.

I frogged the shawl this weekend. I came up with non matching numbers so I decided to pull it all out and get it right. In theory I will be counting every few rows so I will be able to tell when I make a mistake.

I started another sock but am lacking photographic evidence also due to lighting issues. It is that time of year that I forget to take pictures till the sun has set. Anyways I started another plain knit sock for me. I am using some springy colored Socks that Rock yarn. It is quite girly. Green, rose, and a touch of lavender. I kept thinking that I should save it for February or March when winter is in full swing and has been for a bit. It was calling to me, so I cast on and have been happily knitting along.

Since it is a nice simple knit it has been promoted to my purse knitting. It gets worked on when I am waiting and at lunchtime. So I am a happy knitter.

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