Sunday, December 12, 2010

Progressing slowly

Our Christmas tree is up and has lights but the ornaments are still stored away. I have bought presents for about half of the people that I need to, but I think I know what I am giving to the other half. Gus is sitting next to me washing himself. I know that last sentence does not fit but it is true.

I am running on a low tank still. Illness has not really hurt us but it is definitely making me run slower and want to do less. Unless you talk about knitting, I still want to do that!

It has been cloudy and cold here so I have not been able to take pictures of finished knitting. I still have to show you my reworked Puck's Mischief socks. I also finished a pair of light weight Socks That Rock socks in a colorway called Briar Rose (greens, rose, and a touch of lavender.) I did start a new pair for D from the Ink colored yarn from Fiber Optic, I bought at Rhinebeck.

I attempted to knit a cowl called Spiraluscious by Anne Hanson, but I finished the first body repeat and there was no spiral. There was a bit of a zig and I thought I saw a zag but no smooth spiral. So off to the frogging pond with that one. I think I may have skipped a plain knit round between one of the charted lace rounds, or I may never know what I did. I just hope when I restart it I will not do the same thing without recognizing it.

We had my company Christmas party on Friday and we do secret santa. I received an envelope, I turned to my husband and said "This does not look like yarn." But when I opened a gift card to a local yarn shop I had to turn back and say "This does look like yarn." I wonder what I will get? I do know that they have pony needles that I like for weaving in ends. I may pick up another one of those.

My grey alpaca shawl is progressing this weekend since I did pick up and knit on it. It is amazing how much knitting you get done if you don't just leave the bag sitting there. I did take it with me to the Christmas party location because we were staying over night and they had a foot of snow out there with more rumored to be on the way. So I took a couple of things in case we had to stay. I made D take a couple of books too. D and his family were once caught by a springtime SD snow storm. They made it to a town and got the last hotel room, but they were caught for a couple of days. The only book with them was D's copy of The Mouse and The Motorcycle. Rumor has it that they all read the book multiple times because they were so bored. So I tend to travel a bit heavier with my knitting and books because of that story.

Well I am off to knit some more, happy knitting.


  1. I hear you about traveling heavier in the wintertime. It's totally worth it. We do a long drive across to my family in Manitoba, and you never know what you might have to deal with, hence the emergency blankets and candles and stuff. We always try to check the forecast, and if it looks bad, we stop. The knitting is always great company whilst you wait!

  2. I thought I'd posted a comment about your comment about my cards, but I can't seem to find it anywhere... anyway, thanks for your kind post about them! Send me an email at zooguitar [at] yahoo dot co dot uk with your mailing address and which card you'd like. And let me know whether or not you want me to leave it blank. Hopefully, I can get it out to you before the holidays!

  3. Sorry Adriene, Christmas preparations attacked me and I am still fighting my way out. You posted on the previous entry that is why you can not find it here. If you're anything like me it would drive you crazy not to find that post. Thank you for commenting, I enjoy hearing from "My Canadian Friend" as we refer to you in my house. Your moniker was shortened from "You know, my Canadian friend that reads my blog."