Sunday, November 28, 2010


Ya hear that? If you were at my house it would have been the sound of yarn flying past your ear. Hubby decided to clean up and organize our office and apparently that means yarn consolidation.

I have a half wall in the living room that is currently trying to become a full wall through the creative use of yarn. It is sort of a yarn doggie pile on the wall. When some of the ladies were here for knitting they asked if I was starting my own yarn shop. Here I will show you the yarn.

Yeah that is just the sock yarn. I think it may even be more than 20 pairs of socks too, thus breaking my self imposed no more than 20 pairs rule. What it was a stupid rule anyways. I mean honestly who would limit themselves to 20 pairs when there is all that color out there in the world. Of course you cannot really see it here but trust me it is gorgeous. 

And really at least one of those skeins will be a cowl and one is going to be a pair of socks for Mom, oh and lets see there is probably a pair of fingerless mitts in there too. So really it is not much yarn. 

What you're not buying my story? Good because I am not selling, my story or my yarn. I do have a skein or two from my first Rhinebeck visit and from my second visit but I think most of it is recent holiday and festival acquisitions. 

I did finish a sock today but am sad to say it is the first of a pair and can not be added to the rotation without its partner. Although I must admit that I had D pick out a skein for his next pair of socks. He chose the Fiber Optic yarn in "Ink." A beautiful dark blue and blackish colorway. Now I just need to dig out one of my needles that is hiding under the couch. I heard it hit the floor but can not see it.

Oh, I knit in the theater while watching the newest Harry Potter this weekend. I was able to catch a dropped stitch in the darkness but ended up having to ladder down to fix it when I got home. I had picked up the dropped stitch and the one below it, together. 

So now my yarn is consolidated in the living room but I caught D eyeing that space as well. I think he is going a bit stir crazy with our somewhat forced confinement. Our illness is progressing as with any viral thing much slower than we would like. 

I did take the opportunity to bag together some yarn for two sweaters I will be making this winter. It feels weird to have my yarn corralled in plastic. What will Gus bring me in the middle of the night? Poor Gus


  1. "What it was a stupid rule anyways. I mean honestly who would limit themselves to 20 pairs when there is all that color out there in the world." That made me giggle - because I totally agree with you! My stash is slowly taking over my living room as we speak... and I am still considering visiting an LYS in my hometown next month, just to look, you know. ;)

  2. Adriene,
    I thought you would understand, as I have seen the colors you choose. Have fun "just looking." And if something "just happens" to come home with you, I know I will enjoy your pictures.

  3. Rules, smules. It's all okay when it comes to pretty, pretty yarn.