Monday, April 26, 2010

Tea Trip

Hubby and I decided to be spontaneous this weekend and take a road trip to our favorite tea shop, Harney and Sons Tea. It is not a long trip but it is more than a stone's throw away.

I discovered their tea over the internet and asked for some Queen Catherine for Christmas one year. Description from their website follows: We created this blend of three Chinese black teas in honor of Queen Catherine, who introduced her love of tea to the British. We are privledged to have this tea featured in the Museum of Tea in Hangzhou, China. Harney & Sons is the only Western tea company to receive this honor.

I had just seen a movie about Charles II of England, who's wife is the Queen Catherine the tea is named after. I liked the movie and wanted to try the tea. She seemed such a strong woman in the movie. Yes I know that Hollywood does not tell tales correctly but I really liked her character. The odd thing is that Charles II must have liked her character too since he did not divorce her when she could not produce an heir for him. He even defended her when he felt she had not been properly respected by his mistresses. Now if that is not a manly man I don't know what is. (sarcasm intended) I guess even he respected her loyalty. (no sarcasm intended)

So anyways we were off to the tea shop. I love road trips with D. I think that was when I really knew that our marriage would work, on the trip from SD to Florida. At one point when I was singing along with the radio I knew he loved me enough to tolerate my quirks.

So we pull into the tea shop and I pull out my bag of tea tins all 20 of them. We had been commissioned to pick up a pound bag of Lapsang Souchong for a friend too. So we ask if they have the pound bags there, Yes. Two pounds please and could you fill all these tins too? Turns out they were out of Lappy (that is what we call it at my house). Can you believe it? We did manage to get the last 4 ounces. I bet it will taste great too.

We had to stop for gas on our way back and that romantic of mine bought me a vanilla shake too. What a Man!

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  1. I'm jealous! D needs to explain to R how this whole husband thing works. ;-) Be nice to wife and tolerate the tea trips and yee shall benefit with good, home-cooked food...hahahaa.