Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An exercise in stepping out of the box

Well I thought it would be good for me to try something new. I decided to go tour the countryside as part of a farm and fiber tour.

First mistake: I went by myself. Now you know I'm not social, why did I think that going to multiple mini social events would help me?

Second mistake: I did not print of directions, the GPS will get me there. Why would I think that when it has failed me in the past in this general area?

First non-mistake: I took snacks. Man, can you imagine how irritable I would have been without food? Not a pretty sight. SHEEP where are the SHEEP?

So one of the first problems was my GPS did not recognize my first and second starting point addresses. I figured that if I go on the right road I could find the place but I did not reckon on the GPS dropping me off in the 5000 area of addresses when I was looking for 1930 Such-and-such Rd.

So I decide to skip that one and continue on to another one that I can get the GPS to find. So after another half hour of driving, I arrive at a farm that has 3 sheep and a goat. Sounds like the punch line to a joke. Now I am not saying that they should not have been included in the tour, I am saying it was highly disappointing after driving around for and hour and a half.

I decided to give it one more try at least but I can tell you that my heart was not in it anymore. The second farm I would call a farm. They had 10-20 alpacas and around 10 bunnies. They even had yarn to buy. Unfortunately they also had a kid messing around in the yarn room and I was afraid someone would come in and assume he was mine and make me pay for something. He was not doing damage but I thought I saw the damage potential gleam in his eye.

So I packed it in and drove home. Sad but true. Sometimes I wonder if I am really my father's child. That man can talk to anyone about anything. I used to be so embarrassed by it, now I recognize that as my anti-social side poking out. Turns out my mother is an extrovert too. Man what kind of super strong recessive genes do I have that could overcome that combination. Maybe I have a recessive turtle gene that I can blame. Now how cool would that be a shell that you could just sink into at any time. I bet I could even store some yarn in there.

Nice scenery, but ultimately pointless driving makes me batty. Read frustrated and irritated with myself. I am much more of a destination person. When you remove a destination or keep changing my destination I get frustrated.

So I am happily back in my box now. Don't judge me too harshly, I am what I am.

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  1. I'm so impressed that you went AND on your own! We were going to try to go but ran out of time that day. Next year may be better anyway because OP would be more aware of it.