Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Organized randomness?

I made bread this weekend but it was consumed before I could get a picture. Hungry cyclists will do that to a loaf. I lost half of my muffins the same way. They seemed to go over well.

I made an onion bread that was quite tasty. Not what I would like for breakfast but I bet it would go great with chili. I've still not tried the no knead bread. Let's say I'm still doing research, yeah research, that sounds so much better than not getting around to it. I did not know if the 16-18 hours thing is a hard and fast rule, I did not want to be up baking bread at midnight. My luck I'd fall asleep and wake up to smoke in the kitchen. Smoke not my favorite bread flavoring.

We had a new/old yarn shop open in the area so my friend and I made a Saturday of it and had lunch and checked out the yarny goodness. We went to an Irish pub and had pub food. Bangers and Mash!

I've always wanted to try it and I did not get a chance while we were in England. Good golly that meal was good! I told D we have to try it again soon. They had fish and chips too but it was made of Haddock and I am not a big fan of that fish, but I will have to try it.

I was able to take a picture of this yarn before I wound it into a cake. I so want to try it out but I need to get a bit more done on D's Peruvia sweater.

Oh and the following pictures are an example of what happens when you leave the Hubby and cats home alone with nothing to do.

Jack says "Dad said he wanted a close up, Mom."

Cat butt who takes pictures of cat butt? The person just odd enough to marry the person who would post those pictures on their blog.

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