Sunday, April 18, 2010

Remembrance of a day

I've not been to many funerals. I don't like death and all that accompanies it. I must say that this last one was one of the most peaceful I've been to. I guess death is not so much feared when it will bring relief to suffering. It was also one of those times when everyone in the room knew where she had gone. D and I were joking that she worked so hard here on Earth that Jesus would give her the first week off in Heaven.

My Mother in Law has MS and needs a chair to get around now. So I try to be extra helpful when I am in their house. That plan failed this time because I came down with a bad cold. In the middle of the night when all your crazy thoughts attack you, I thought maybe I have strep throat and now we flew all this way and will still not be able to attend, and now I've just gotten everyone else sick too. It did help me out in one way though. I really did have a reason to be sniffling so much.

I am a crier, it is what I do. Death and funerals seem especially bad for me. I was worried because D's family is so stoic that I would embarrass them with all my blubbering. I held out strong pretty well till we got to singing "How Great Thou Art". I love that song! The line "Then sings my soul" rings directly to me.

It was pretty cool to see a whole row of Red Hat ladies all lined up paying their respects. They were a sight to see. The family chose to display the red hat I had made for her.

So I think we had a classy send off for a classy lady.

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  1. I am also a crier (which I'm sure you're not surprised to hear). I have sympathy for you, and I wish more people were as emotional as we are. But then again, maybe it's a good thing not everyone is, otherwise we wouldn't have those strong shoulders to lean on!