Saturday, October 31, 2009

My knitting schedule is shot

I do believe that I'm trying to cremate myself one day at a time. When ever I cook I usually burn myself once a week. If I do they are usually small oops burns that heal in a couple of days. D teases me that I must think I am coated in kevlar and don't think I can burn.

I blame the years I spent working in a restaurant. I pulled so many hot pans out that I think I killed off my heat sensing nerves in my hands. Nope they still work.

Today I tried to do an act of service for my darling husband. I raked up 3 bags of leaves and then switched to attempting to mow the majority up. I did a swipe up and down the side of the driveway but it seems to not be picking them up. I look at the mower and decide the wheels are to high, it is just spinning them around and shooting them out on the lawn. I lower 3 of the wheels and attempt to lower the last one by bending over and placing my hand on the top of the engine that is covered in plastic. Sadly my fingers were firmly touching the exhaust. Turns out that area heats up quite quickly!!!!

I run for the water and plunge my swearing hand under. I tentatively touch the area and it feels really "thick", sort of like my skin has turned to cardboard "thick." One of my friends was a nurse and it turns out she is the one I call. I take my hand out of the water do a mad dash to my cell phone and back to the water. My hand in the meantime goes from mild words like pooh and shucks to full on swearing mode till its plunged under again. I dial my friend, thank God she is preprogramed into my phone. I'm trying to decide if I'm a wimp or if I need to go to urgent care. She confirms that I am not a wimp if the skin is blistering, which by this time I think it is. I get directions on how to transport hand to medical office and also take her up on the offer to hitch a ride. I tried to tell her I was fine but she would not take no for an answer. Thank God for good friends. Yes she is another "yarnie" so I think I know how I can repay her.

Luckily D was in the area we were going to so he signed me in. As we're driving down I realized just how distracted a throbbing hand will make you. I only tried to back seat drive once. Long story shorter my middle two fingers have 2nd degree burns on them, and my index finger has a small burn too. Burn pain for me comes in waves and can be intense. So my new favorite drug of the day is Motrin.

I did a test run when I got home and I think I can still knit. It seems to be only with a deliberate movement that I have not experienced since I started. But some knitting is better than no knitting. It was either that or I would finally get caught up on my reading schedule.

It took me about 10 tries to get a decent picture of my bandaged hand. My fingers looked like little sausages. OK they look like that most of the time but I'm not usually photographing them.

Oh yeah we have a dinner date with a deaf couple, so my signing will be worse than usual. Luckily it was my non dominate hand so I can still write and what not.

You know the really crappy part of the story is that once we got home Hubby went to put the mower away and showed me that the plug was in to block the grass from going into the bag. It was never going to work, my act of service for my D. Don't you just feel like satan is sitting on your shoulder laughing at your efforts some days?

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