Monday, October 12, 2009


I forgot to post this picture with my 'In praise of my hubby' post. The thing in his left hand is my new yarn ball winder. The thing in his right hand is the massive ball of yarn we wound. I pretty much have been wearing the winder out since then. I might have a skein of unwound yarn but they are getting few and far between.

So it is fall here in NY and the leaves are really showing it. Every year I promise I will take picture and every year time passes with no pictures

I managed to get one this year. It is so cool how some trees tend to develop patches of color while other trees wait and seem to turn color over night. Our neighbor's tree is dropping leaves all over the place so I picked up a few to show you the colors

That is the same photo without and with flash. Some of the leaves have three colors on one leaf. So cool to see fall all in one leaf. The reds are especially striking for me this year, but I really love them every year.

My sweater is almost finished. I just need to try it on to check the collar length and bind it off. Yeah I know I missed my finish date, but that was more of a theory than an actual goal.

I'm still plugging along on socks for D. Man I get spoiled having my small feet to knit for. Some days it seems like I blink and I've finished to foot of a sock for me. Then I do a pair for D and the foot almost does me in. Maybe I should to choose to view it not as a project that is taking to long, but as getting a jump on my Christmas present list. I think I might be able to finish them by that time.

I spent the weekend thinking about next weekend. Wooly goodness time! NY Sheep and Wool Festival is next weekend. I am thinking all the time about what I want to get, what I will see and how long the Hubby will last there. This is kind of the reverse of when he goes on one of his charity bike rides. For those events I think of everything I could possibly want for 3-6 hours and jam it into my backpack (restroom not included). This time I'm thinking of anything and everything that might keep him entertained. I've got a running list: Bike and accessories, crossword puzzles, books, our DS gaming device, the Ipod, tea and snacks. So basically I'm thinking like packing for the plane trip to England this last January. If you think of anything let me know, I will add it to the Hubby entertainment arsenal. And no the cats are not willing to go along and entertain Dad. Travel is not in their job description. Great now I am all excited to go yarn shopping, there is no way I'm going get to sleep easy tonight. Don't even think about suggesting I count sheep either! My luck I will be shearing them in my sleep, Hubby might wake up missing an eyebrow that way. Oh that was one of the things I wanted D to see at the fair, sheep shearing. I'm off to add that to the list.

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