Friday, May 15, 2009

Why I am a more patient person than I was

I hate waiting.  Hate it with a passion I usually reserve for arrogantly rude people, you know people who think they are right, ALL the time.  I believe my hatred of waiting is the key reason I am constantly late.  I am late because I hate to wait.  The ironic part is then I continually make others wait for me.  This is not fair, and as a person that places a high value on fairness I am working on correcting my lateness.  Some months are better than others.  My lateness is a great source of frustration for my Hubby.  He is an ex-military man and has been trained to believe that just arriving on time is late.  (If you're not early you're late.)  Believe me it did not take much training to get him to think that either.  They pretty much put the thought out there and he went "Yes, I agree".  
I have found a small cure for my hatred of waiting.  If I am knitting, I am not waiting.  This was evidenced last night while waiting(knitting) for my hair appointment.  My hairdresser ran 20 minutes behind and I did not realize it till she started apologizing.  I was turning the heel of my flame colored sock.  I am actually a little annoyed when people call me in to appointments when I am in the middle of the row.  What you can not be ready for me now.  Wait till I finish this row then you will be ready for me.  
Maybe I like to see the effect of my time.  I did not have to wait for 10 minutes to be seated for dinner I finished a couple of rounds on my sock.  Or maybe it is a release of energy, I know I pay attention better at church when I twiddle my thumbs.  Don't judge me remember?  

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