Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer reading

Summer always makes me want to read, outside in the sunshine.  I really am affected by the changing of seasons.  My huge battle is always what to read, classics, romance, mystery or biography. 
I love romance novels set in England.  Shh don't tell others.  I always feel like it is a dirty little secret. I will own it now.  I don't like trashy romances, I like stories of English lords and ladies. Maybe it is because I am so far removed from all that or maybe it is because I must have a happy ending. Love happy endings to stories I don't understand why you would have anything else.
I also like historical fiction along the same lines. I recently read The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory, and was like what is all the hype? Half way into it and I realized I was enjoying it. One of those books you're glad you slugged through to the end, because the end made it all worth while. Of course this one did not have a happy ending. That one was one I meant to read since it came out.  
I have a long list of things I would like to read and a list of things I think I should read. I want to read classics more than I do. I think to me books hold potential. In the back of my mind I think they can make you a better person. Or a worse person, but I choose to see the potential. The next classic book I am hyping myself up to read is Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky. I have started that one twice now. It seems to be an internal, mental book. Just finding it tough to slug into it. Seems very depressing. But I want to try because two very trusted individuals say it is a redemption book. If I hate injustice, I love redemption twice as much. We will see how it goes.
My favorite book is The Count of Monte Cristo by Dumas. It was the original revenge story. Around chapter five it seemed like the book dropped my story and picked up a non related one, I wanted to stop but Hubby promised me it would be worth it. Man was he correct. I love that story.   just finished listening to it on CD. I read an abridged version and wanted to see how it differed. I am sorry to say I had forgotten much. I enjoyed it as much the second go around.
I discovered Agatha Christie's writing last fall and have been soaking it in. I have listed all the books she wrote and am trying to read them in order. Maybe I do not need to read them exclusive to other writers. A book by another author in between may keep her fresher longer. One fond memory I have is reading Murder on the Orient Express on the plane ride back from London. It just seemed so fitting reading a travel novel while traveling.
So to kick off the summer reading I will start Crime and Punishment, finish Poirot Investigates by AC and find a "fun" book to read also. Sound like a plan to you too?

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