Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weird thing I overheard today

So I am in the drive thru line at Wendy's today.  I overhear from the car in front of me, "Small fresh fries, I don't want any of the three day old stuff you have back there."  My first thought: you just ordered small spit fries dude.  Not that any fast food personnel would ever do such a thing, but I think they wish they could say something snarky back to him.  "Well sir, I don't have any fresh fries or three day old ones, would you accept one and a half day old fries?"  
Made me want to roll up on his bumper to see what kind of colorful language I could get out of him.  I think the language would have a paisley tint to it.  
Thank God I no longer work in fast food, or any kind of food for that matter.

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