Sunday, October 16, 2016

Missing Rhinebeck

I received an email earlier this week and a text this morning. My knitting buddies are missing me at Rhinebeck as much as I am missing them this weekend.

I did have an inspiration this week and I did a bit of stash diving and found a skein of Socks That Rock from last year's visit. I wound it up bright and early on Saturday and let it sit for a bit. I cast on Free Range Chickens that evening.

So now I get to create new memories from "old" yarn. I've knit a cuff so far. We also decided to enjoy ourselves with a new tradition of going to Powell's bookstore. Hey I am a love the one you're with kind of gal. If I cannot go to an awesome fiber festival, however I can go to an awesome book store. Honestly for a book lover like me it is great living so near it.

I'll see if I can insert some yarny pictures tomorrow. In the meantime I am calling my socks Rhinebeck Chickens.

I was able to see some lovely pictures from Rhinebeck thanks to gracious people I know. They even enjoyed a falafel for me. Knitting friends, I still have them.

This picture? Because the blog would implode if I did not post a picture of Burt here. He was a bit cranky today because Momma was upstairs working on her resume and we did not enjoy couch time this morning. Burt leads a tough life and it must mute his colors when he is upstairs. He is not as orange more of a perfectly toasted marshmallow color. Don't ya just love his whiskers though?

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