Friday, May 6, 2016

A walk in the rain forest

When we went to Vancouver Island we had no idea it would be so lovely. I mean yeah I read Adriene's blog I know it is lovely, but to be able to walk in a rain forest in Canada?

I just love streams. 

 And husbands that stand next to posts with squirrels on them.

This tree was mesmerising for me. Big green multi trunked behemoth.

A nice collection of stones. 

A log covered in moss.

A moose next to a log covered in moss.
I feel I may have drifted into Dr Seuss territory.

And lastly a patch of sun, you know before the rain started.

D would have loved to do a loop but I made him turn back so we could meet Adriene and her hubby for lunch. I was super anxious to spend some time talking with her since we had only the briefest conversation when she picked us up from the ferry the day before. 

We enjoyed the island very much and recommend a visit to anyone, not just those meeting a blog friend for the first time. 


  1. Replies
    1. I did. We did the special knitter's hug too. ;)

  2. I thought you didn't take any pictures?! I'm glad to see that you two got a chance to enjoy the trails.

    1. I took some pictures but I did not take any with you. Don't know if I felt awkward or just too excited. We loved the trail!