Saturday, April 16, 2016

While we were away

So we're still adjusting to the new normal around here. I am very thankful that Gus' illness has not flared up with all the craziness that has occurred.

I may have told you but I'll tell you again. I did the most unknitterly thing ever on our trip to Vancouver. Because I was not yet done with the socks I was knitting for Adriene, I made a rash decision the night before I left. The only knitting I packed was Adriene's 3/4 done socks. I finished them on the flight there. 

But that was OK because I had researched yarn stores in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island. I would be just fine. I could start a new sock with vacation yarn while still on vacation. Cue music of doom here.

My first day there was pretty much wrecked as a travel day. I was exhausted. The next day while completely lovely was a travel day getting to the island and navigating to where we were staying. I had a two hour ferry ride with nothing to knit. I did love the ferry.

The next day Adriene whisked me off to a yarn store but, my mind was still in the US. I found a really lovely skein of MadelineTosh sock yarn but it was something I had access to in the US and it was $30. I've paid that for yarn before but why when it was something I could get cheaper in the US?

Yeah I know I forgot to take into account the awesome exchange rate. Instead I bought some Briggs and Little yarn for another Baa-ble hat, this time the Canadian version. But alas the only needles I brought were sock needles. But I had some nice wool to keep me company at least.

Finally on our second to last day, right before our ferry ride back to Vancouver I searched out Mad About Ewe.

Ah the sense of calm and excitement when I walked into the store of my people was immense. The chatter of the knitting group and the walls of wool welcomed me to home away from home.

I touched many yarns, collected a few and paid my happiness fee. I did not get one of my beloved easy to knit from Zauberballs. I found a manly cashmere sock yarn already in a knittable form.

I tucked it into my useful again sock knitting bag and we were off for the ferry. I cast on while waiting. D pointed out another knitter sitting across from us and I had a dandy time trying to figure out what she was going to make out of two, two inch squares on straight needles. D encouraged me to ask but I was having more fun speculating. I think they must be the saddle portions of a saddle shouldered sweater. It was the only thing I could think of.

Anyways here is a gratuitous shot of my ferry knitting set up.    

Looks like I can knit a cuff in an hour?

This is while we were knitting waiting for our plane the next day.

This was my haul from Mad About Ewe. A locally dyed sock yarn. A skein of Kunni wants to be a shawl. And the half knit sock I was able to come home with.

I was going to take a shot of all the vacation yarns together but Jack interrupted the photo shoot. I'm so glad now that I took the time that day to enjoy him and his personality instead of just trying to get something done. Those are the last pictures I have of him.

I think I'll go pet a sock and a cat now. I may even squeeze the Hubby.


  1. That orangey sock yarn looks lovely. I must go have a look for it sometime. I have some Kauni that also needs to become something.