Thursday, April 21, 2016

Startitis Struggles

Startitis, oh I've got a bad case of wanting to cast on all of the yarn in my house. OK fine I don't want to cast on those two skeins from back when I started knitting. What was I thinking when I bought a cotton blend of sock yarn?

But the other skeins of all my carefully cultivated collection? Yes please!

Ok this is an old picture from one of my annual stash airings. That reminds me I have to air the stash one of these days soon. I'd say half of them are knit into something lovely that I adore. The other half is totally guilty of singing the startitis song. 

I have three second socks on the needles and none of the socks are for me. I know I don't really believe it myself sometimes. I have cast on a heavy sweater three times now? I know, I know, it is complicated to explain. I did not knit a sweater all last winter, but now that spring has sprung I pull out the big needles and cast on? You know sometimes I cannot even explain me to me. 

I have some lovely alpaca yarn hiding around here that I want to knit into a shawl, but it must not like the pattern I am thinking of. It seems to be on walk about. Maybe it will come home if I actually print off the pattern. I'm not sure I believe that either.

Maybe I should go wind up some of my purple yarn. It seems sort of fitting on the day we lost Prince. Rest in Peace the coolest man in heels that I've ever seen.

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