Monday, February 22, 2016


Ok I found a workaround for getting a picture here. Did I ever tell you how much I hate it when computer stuff changes and makes everything more difficult? I get it you have to improve things but make sure the stuff that it used to do still works. Yowsa!

I know, I know let's just talk about knitting. See these socks?

They took quite a while to knit. Well that's only true if you call call sitting in a corner being ignored knitting. Ravelry added a new feature that lets you see all your updates to a project as a timeline. These poor souls say in hibernation for 16 months. Yes that is right 16+ months on the needles for one of them. Sigh, don't even think about taking my yarn away as punishment. Nope that is not gonna happen!

Anyways back to the socks. They're Nemesis Socks knit in Socks That Rock Raspberry Moose. That yarn was a Rhinebeck purchase in 2011, it marinated in the stash for three years before being chosen. I thought since it was a semi solid it would not pull too much away from the lovely patterning. The first one knit up in two months. But I started to be very concerned about it. When I tried it on it was  tight. But I being the denying knitter that I am, cast on the second sock and knit a couple of inches on that, before allowing myself to be drawn away but many, many other yarns. There on a shelf sat my lonely first sock and sad cuff of a second sock...

The afore mentioned 16 months pass, I woke myself from my denial induced haze and decided to just get on with it. (Anybody else hear the cast of Monty Python there?) It took me a month to knit the second sock, a month that is it.

Deciding to throw caution into the wind and hope that everything would work out, I washed them. They fit fine now, maybe even a little loose.

Sometimes you just have to knit the darn second sock.

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  1. Glad to see you're still kicking around and Gus is still with us (prior post)! Don't feel too badly about stuff sitting... I'm finally working on a quilt that I had planned/gotten fabric for way back in 2009 or 2010. Nothing like it sitting around for 6 years. :c)