Thursday, January 28, 2016

Still kicking

I figured I better post something before someone drives by and throws yarn in my yard. Not that I don't enjoy lovely yarn offerings, just that Hubby and I had a stash talk recently. Don't be afraid it was not horrible, but I did drop a surprising number on him. He was surprised I think it is a normal number.

Anyways I finished up Anne of Green Gables. I liked it but I don't have any childhood nostalgia attached to the book so I can't yet say that I really loved it. I think that it will grow on me though. I did burst out laughing when Gilbert Blythe becomes Anne's foe. That boy did not know what a force he was messing with. Anne can hold a grudge.

I've started listening to A Man called Ove, I am either going to love or hate that old curmudgeon. Hey look at that I spelled curmudgeon right the first time. He has made me laugh a few more times than I expected and it is still very early in the story.

I meant to take pictures of some socks to show off but Saturday was spent knee deep in church work. Remind me next week that I really do like the work. Right now I am a bit...tired.

Guess I'll stop here and toddle off to fold some papers, and it is not even fun origami either. Sigh.


  1. D should see my stash. It is not a normal number. :)

  2. What's a normal number? Normal for you may not be for another....I have 93, not counting the yarn for a sweater or thrumbed that normal? At the moment it's a scary number and I've been good at refraining from purchasing more. Ok so I was house bound for near 1/2 a year....but I haven't bought more yarn... I don't even have a spouse to be annoyed by my stash and the money it cost to build. I think your stash is fine..