Saturday, January 16, 2016

Drive by Yarning

Have you ever wished that you won something? Occasionally I like to imagine winning things and what I would do. After last week's Lottery obsession, I've spent a bit of time imagining. D says he would've contacted the people at the NY Sheep and Wool festival to make Friday my offical buying day if we won 1.5 billion.

But here's the rub I like to imagine, but I also know enough about myself that if I won I would think I didn't deserve it. Not because I am unworthy just because there are others that are more needy.

I am very happy in my life. I don't have to worry about how to feed my family (including feline family), if my car will break down, if my roof leaks or if my Hubby still loves me. I already have all the luck I need.

But, today due to this post I was the happy recipient of bonus sock yarn. My knitting friends thought it would be fun to bring me the brightly colored sock yarn. One knitter took the opportunity to give me some lovely yarns that don't agree with her hands. Thin nylon blends don't bother my fingers.

The other knitter may have been teasing me or just cleaning up her stash, I'm not too sure, as I was petting the lovely Henna colored yarn that was coming home with me.

So thanks to the generosity of fellow knitters I have a few more skeins to be thankful for.

Thanks Ladies, you can rest assured that I will give it a good home!

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  1. No, I wasn't cleaning out my stashed. I'd been discussing with the other knitter (with sensitive hands) how we hadn't seen a knit project from you and we needed to get you some yarn. She limited me to just was difficult choosing one. The Henna is lush and vibrant but I kept a very bright one that you also would've liked but me being the greedy yarn hoarder I am, it stayed here and the henna gracefully volunteered. :-) enjoy and you are very welcome.