Saturday, October 31, 2015

Hauling Rhinebeck Yarn

I've reached the time of year that I sit and stare at my yarn and plan what I will be doing with it. Socks, there will most certainly be many socks. I love having pictures of my yarn to look back on. In my case it is true, becoming a knitter has made me appreciate all the colors more. 

You'll notice that I have found a new function for my tea service tower. Normally you would bake tempting treats, plate them and display them with your lovely three tiered tower. I'm gonna display my yarn goodies there for a bit. It also makes carrying everything outside easier.

Remember a few years ago I discovered Wild Apple Farm's yarn? I even made my first Rhinebeck sweater out of it. I was lost when they stopped coming to Rhinebeck a few years ago. Wait a minute was this my 9th trip to Rhinebeck? Yikes! Think of all the wool I've found.

Back to sweater yarn, I found out that Bartlett Yarns was actually making my sweater yarn. So I bought a new sweater, assembly is still required but that is half of the fun.  I'm thinking of a sweater from A Fine Fleece.

They had a lovely dark gray that I still wish I had bought, but the lighter gray will be able to show off the cables better. And let's be honest I will probably get the dark gray next year, hopefully while wearing this year's light gray.

Buttons! I guess I can no longer hide it I am a button person. Top one says "either you love SHEEP or you're wrong." Bottom is pretty clear, "A life without yarn is no life at all." I also found one for a yarnie friend of mine but I'm going to keep it secret for a little while. 

Seriously, how does a woman who professed to hate yellow and orange, buy this kind of yarn?

Or this?

Now this one I get, I could claim it is mostly blue. 

 I forgot to take a picture of them all out laying on the ground together. I took individual pictures to post the yarns into my stash on Ravelry. I bought more than three skeins. I believe I bought enough yarn to keep me busy for a while. Since I tend to buy my yarn at festivals or Portland Oregon it is important to make sure you have enough to tide you through the coming year(s).

I did take another picture once I had packed it all back up. That whole top shelf is my Rhinebeck yarn. Yeah, if yarn makes you happy...I've got an excellent year in front of me.

For the Record
Dragonfly Djinni Sock "Aurora Borealis"
Dragonfly Dragon Sock "Hudson River Valley"
Dragonfly Traveler "Starry Night" (I love this colorway so much I bought it again in a different weight. I was thinking of making the Honey Cowl again.)

Blue Moon Fiber STR lightweight "Free Range Chickens"
Blue Moon Fiber STR mediumweight "Farmhouse"
These two are remarkably similar. I've been in love with Farmhouse for a while and who can turn down a colorway with chickens in it.

Shelridge Soft Touch Heather "Bronze"
Shelridge Soft Touch Heather "Gunmetal"
D already has a pair of Gunmetal socks but it is such a good color and yarn that I may just delegate it as a repair yarn, we'll see.

Peace Love and Yarn Kestrel "Sunflower"
This is a new yarn to me and totally out of my color comfort zone, but I totally had to have it. It will be interesting what it knits up as.

Lisa Sousa Hard Twist Merino Petite "Awwe-tum"
Again out of my old color habits but so beautiful. They also had a sock yarn base but I thought the hard twist might be better for socks, now I am not so sure. I checked on Ravelry and people have made socks from this yarn, another we'll see.

Fiber Optic Yarns Foot Note "Prisim Break"
Catkin Pattern, I finally broke down and bought it. Now I just need to figure out what color combo.
I remember finding their booth one year and easily buying yarn the next few years it was not so easy. I am happy they are so popular, but am glad I can get in the booth now. I can not say the same of Miss Babs.

Bartlett Yarns 2-ply Aran weight 9 skeins
Hopefully to make a cabled sweater from A Fine Fleece.

Three funny buttons at Bitsy Knits. I should have bought more but there is always next year.

Carolina Homespun Knitter's Dreamz needles 2.25 cubic needles and fixed 32" US 9 circular. I had a lovely chat with a lady. She even asked me if I had used the cubic needles and liked them. 

Gary's Pickles 1 quart spicy and 1 quart sour. (Spicy is much better!) These were a D find last year. I promised to get some if they were there again. When I texted him the choices, he texted back: Yes. So I got both. 

Two bottles of wine from Crooked Creek. Cab Franc and Riesling. Yeah I am complicated that way, I like complex red wine and sweet white.

So in summary I took my time this year and went through most of the barns several times. I remembered to eat before I got angry and to drink too. I tend to let myself get dehydrated. I hit all three restrooms too. The lines were long but moved quickly. I made one stop off to empty my bag at the car. It was nice to lighten up and sit quietly.

This year I concentrated on being in the moment and not getting overwhelmed. It is so easy to let the crowds get to you.