Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ahhh Rhinebeck and other things

I've been dreading and anticipating this weekend for months now. Because of my new volunteer position at church I've been getting my fill of people and things to do that are not knitting. My little introverted soul is ravaged. I'm listening to The Martian and thinking other than the possible starving to death, being the only person somewhere sounds ideal.

OK maybe not ideal but I may need to admit that I could use a break from people. Good thing I have some trusty feline companions to snuggle in with and a very understanding husband.

Back to the great and the good of this weekend. First up it was Rhinebeck weekend, NY Sheep and Wool Festival. Huge crowds but lovely wool to tempt you. I think I spotted a cousin to one of my favorite CrazySheepLady's sheep.

Anybody else see Ewen McTeagle in this fine Shropshire Sheep? Go ahead and try to say that five times fast. Shropshire Sheep.

I had my now traditional falafel lunch. Still as tasty as the first time.

The trees were not at their best this year but I managed to look up and capture this one in a lovely moment.

 This little guy almost grabbed me from the pen. Once she got my attention we started off with a double cheek rub and chat.

Then because I successfully negotiated a photo shoot. We switched to one handed rubbing with eyes closed. I offered to take her home but said she would have to share the bed with my boys. Then I realized Gus would probably make her his bed. I regetfully said goodbye and went off to but more yarn to help with my loss.

Back at home I gleefully unpacked my new yarn. 

Whew I just passed my Jack inspection.

Dad thought Jack needed more of an all-in approach to his technique.

Gus said "Wake me for dinnertime. It is exhausting looking at your yarn."

I worked very hard on enjoying myself and having a good attitude. The crowd is so overwhelming. I found a few more treasures on second and third trips through the barns. Rhinebeck only comes once a year I may as well enjoy it for as long as I stay sane. 

I even got my first ever Yarn Harlot in the wild sighting. She was wearing her Fox Paws scarf when she walked right by me.

On Sunday we had a big project for me with a short time to do it in. I had been dreading this day for months. I am very pleased to say it went well and was not as bad as I had imagined. It is funny how things can overtake your life and make you stressed. 

Now if you will excuse me I have some new yarn to gaze at...


  1. Cousin McBeagle!!! :-D I'm glad you enjoyed Rhinebeck a little for me :-).

    1. I enjoyed the heck out of Rhinebeck, all for you, ahem, for you.

  2. I love reading your blog. Loved seeing Annette and your treasures. I regret not being physically able to go to either festivals. I miss knitting and unfortunately it's going to be a bit longer ss I must endure more back surgery and the drugs that accompany it are not good to knit with. Akin to drunk knitting which is inadviseable and I hope this make sense. I should go. I will enjoy knitting through your blog during my recovery

    1. Thanks, feel free to access healing yarn pictures all through your recovery.

  3. What a great haul, and what lovely sheepies you met. I'm undecided if Rhinebeck is for me, but it looks like you had a fun time. I would probably take Jack's approach at yarn inspection myself!

    1. I think Jack has the right idea too. He is a good kitty.