Saturday, September 12, 2015

Five More Presidents

Back in May, my sister and I had a quick tour of the Presidents in Rapid City.
It has been a little while but I think we should learn a few more presidential facts before my local trivia starts up again.

Anybody want to guess who this guy is? I would have gotten it wrong myself.

 He threw out the first presidential pitch, making it a tradition.

That's why they gave William Howard Taft a baseball.

 This guy was the only president that had been a POW.

Andrew Jackson and his brother were taken captive by the British during the Revolutionary War.

This poor guy and his wife, Jane, lost their last son to a train accident two weeks before he was elected. Jane refused official duties for the first half of his presidency.

 Franklin Pierce

He is the only president to hold a patent.
Abraham Lincoln

Our only bachelor president. 
James Buchanan

How did we do? 

I know Taft was quite a bit trimmer than the pictures I had seen of him. And I had no idea that he was the presidential pitch thrower.

Pierce's story broke my heart. All I will say here is that it was a very bad accident and they both witnessed it. No wonder she became a recluse.


  1. I would have failed miserably at that game, apart from Abe Lincoln, but that's almost a freebie, even for a Canadian like me.

    1. You know as a Canadian you always get a free pass.
      As someone who has been to Sweden while I have not...I'm keeping the free pass out of jealousy.