Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Yarn Chicken

I lost, sigh, at yarn chicken. Let me explain, yarn chicken is when you're happily knitting along and you realize that you may not have enough yarn to finish the project. I know what you're thinking how can someone with so much yarn not have enough? I buy a lot of single skeins of hand dyed yarn. Shhh, you don't need to look at my stash, let's talk about how to handle the problem at hand.

Into the Whirled - Gloucester Sock - Children of Time

Me? I went to my big bag of left over sock yarn and found a bit of complimentary yarn. I sorta like it. I keep thinking that I want to start making my toes out of different yarns. It would use up some of the left overs that I am hoarding.

Or I could find another use for them.

D has a love/hate relationship with the wild socks I make for him. He prefers to wear business appropriate blue/brown plain colored socks, till I let him in on a secret. When you wear wild socks it boosts your I-can-tackle-this-day feeling.

Since  colorful socks are so fun to wear, he has worn these out a few times. Sometimes repairing socks feels like work. Knitting new toes onto old socks? That just sounds like fun knitting.

Instead of trying to find a complimentary yarn I just went with something more wild. So now D has new/old socks back in the drawer for the cost of weekend knitting. I have a couple more toeless socks to work on when the whim hits me. Plus it lets me enjoy a yarn all over again.

And yes I do know that the next time these get a hole it will not be in the toe area. That is the game you play when you knit socks for a hard on his feet guy. It is either that or play more yarn chicken.


  1. That is the best sock repair I've eve seen! I'd take your repaired socks over brand new ones any day!

    1. Aww thanks! You know I'll knit you socks if you want. You're on my sock worthy list, just say the word and wait till I finish one of the three I have going.