Monday, August 31, 2015

Silver Falls Oregon

While we were in Oregon we didn't just visit yarn shops. We gave Mother Nature a how do you do? too.

Silver Falls is lovely park. D had taken a hike there earlier this year with his brother. We had a choice between a few hikes. As much as I would have loved to see Mt. St. Helens, I knew the drive and hike would do me in. I had also heard about Crater Lake but alas that was too far too. I knew we had a two hour drive to and from the beach the day after so we settled on going South and I'm glad we did.

We hiked a beautiful alternative. After grabbing a tasty quick lunch at the lodge. I can recommend their veggie sandwich. We headed out.

Impressive trees with moss covering all the branches. At least the ones I could see. Oregon, ya'll have some impressive, tall trees.

Now Oregon is battling drought and forest fires but they still had water going over falls. I did wonder if it would be a falls-less hike.

I know this is South Falls but I can not remember if it is Upper or Lower South Falls. Since it was South of the other falls I am going to say Lower South Falls.

You get to walk under this huge slab of carved out stone behind the waterfall. I being the short woman I am did not have to duck. D not being the short woman that I am did need to duck. Quack Quack tall man coming through.

Not a heck of a lot of water but still inspiring.

See I told you Oregon has some impressive trees. Even their hollowed out trunks are huge. D kept encouraging me to go back further. Since I don't know what other kinds of animals like to hide in tree trunks I politely declined. I think it sounded like "Take the picture, I'm getting out of here!"

Oh I bet I was wrong. I think this is the Lower South Falls because it is lower elevation? Either way Lower and Upper South Falls get two thumbs up.

We stayed be hind this one for a while since the day was hot and it was nice and cool, right here.

Not only are the trees massive the leaves are too. Hey Adriene, here is a Maple Leaf for you. 

At the end of the hike I was indeed sweaty and happy.

D looks cool and collected as always.

Sometimes I just have to forgive him for that. And realize that I take at least a third more steps than he does.

We drove through some lovely farming country too. The little farm girl in me always likes to drive through farm country. But no pictures because I was driving. We did see some fields that looked like they had been controlled burned. Any ideas as to why? Is it a common practice or to stave off forest fires in a drought year?


  1. Very nice and very northwestern! The burns may well have been prevention from wildfires, as it's been incredibly dry.

    1. It was a huge difference from when we were there five years ago. It was almost South Dakota brown.