Monday, August 10, 2015

As promised

So even though the kitchen has been done for months, you poor people have not seen it. Ready to oooo and ahhh?

First up can I just say how nice it is to have a sink and faucet back in the kitchen? It was Grrreat!

Especially when we did not need to hike to the bathroom for tea water. Oh poor me having to walk a few extra steps for clean water delivered to my house.

Jack really likes the new countertop area. He found he cannot jump very well off of the new flooring so he only jumps from the dining room side. Which means half of my counter space is safe from kitty paw prints. 

The new kitchen is just what I wanted. We decided the wine rack area is of more use to us if we use it as a tea rack instead. 

 Now it is starting to get the lived in look. Which I think is better because I can bake in it now. I did have a moment of trepidation before I used my cast iron skillet on my new stove top. D just looked at me and said are you going to get rid of your cast iron?


Then you should just use it. And so far it has worked well for me. I am very careful not to slide pans across the top, but then I already was programed to not slide things. All's well.

I love it and am so happy we did it. One of my baking days I will show off my new baking area. It has been too hot to bake so maybe in a few weeks. 


  1. We are trying to talk, wait, Tim is trying to talk me into a kitchen remodel. I just can't imagine... Looks great though!

    1. I am ever so glad we did ours. It was a couple of months of inconvenience, but it is so worth it!
      And he is Saint Tim...

  2. You and I might be the only people who are glad when the hot weather goes away. Time to bake and knit!

    1. We just might be. It certainly has been a scorcher this year.