Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Quiet...or not

Really I have a couple of good reasons for being quiet here, but let me show you the one that says the most. 

This was my kitchen about a month ago.

  Yeah I know the 70's called and they don't want that kitchen either.

Then in one day my kitchen disappeared.

OK fine I marched on and made scones one more time in here. But once the choking dust puffed in I was done.

I officially hate cooking all my food in the microwave too. Hate it! I am very thankful to have it but it is wearing thin at this point. I miss real food not heavily salted food.

I have not uploaded more recent pictures wherein my kitchen starts to look like a kitchen again. It is thrilling I tell you, Thrilling!

Jack is more thrilled by the notion that he does not have to stay locked in a room with his brother. Closed doors are the Devil's work in his opinion.

Gus is taking the chaos better than I hoped. But don't tell him that, it will only lead to bigger Greenies demands. And that bill is pretty darn high as is.

Speaking of Greenies someone is giving me "The Look" right now. I don't even want to contemplate the consequences of unfilled Greenies demands.


  1. Congrats on the new kitchen! D mentioned it yesterday when he was over at the house (I was home unexpectedly instead of doing a work thing). We have a surprise of our own, which he has probably already told you about. R and I will need to have you and D over to the house sometime soon. We'll also give a real home-cooked meal and not something out of a microwave. :c)

    1. I would love to see you guys! And I would not turn my nose up at home cooked food.

      Congrats on your surprise too. D said she is a beauty!

  2. That is SO EXCITING! I have never been brave enough to go through a big home reno. I am going to live precariously through yours.

    By the way, there are so many great microwave mug cakes here. I've made many of them myself. They're even healthy!

    1. Well prep yourself, once the dust settles and my real mind is functioning again I will post some pictures. That will be of course after I have spent at least one day making a months worth of food, and washing everything I can get my hands on.

      I need to try some of your mug cakes!

  3. We need to do a bathroom remodel...but I may hold out until I see you've lived through your project ;-).