Monday, February 23, 2015

Balance, Ha It Laughs in My Face

So I am still finding my way with all this balance stuff. I presented my first report as a church officer. I spent some time congratulating a knitting buddy. I have started a huge project at home and it is not knitting related.

I am getting things done but blogging and exercising seem to be taking a hit. Good thing I am still finding time to knit or the world just might end. It is a little off kilter I can tell because I have three socks on the needles and none of them are for me.

Today my car looked at me, said NOPE and would not start. It is cold I tell you, and snowy. I have to be extra careful when I exit my driveway. The snow banks obscure my view, unless you want to see snow then they have it all.

My boys are fighting less and huddling more. If it drops a few more degrees they may just declare their undying love for each other. At least until spring hits that is.

I've been reading and listening to books and am on track for my 52 book goal this year. I just have to remind myself this is not the time to take up reading Stephen King. All of his words would wreck havoc on my schedule.

Ya see that? It is time for Gus to get a pill and me to go to bed. If I start the battle early I may just win the war. Can't tell I am watching MASH on Netflix, can you?

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