Sunday, August 31, 2014


I have a few more things to show you from our South Dakota trip.

First we were able to take in a play at the Black Hills Playhouse. It just happened to be my very most favorite play, Spamalot! The playhouse is small and intimate. Even with my short legs I could stretch out and touch the stage with my feet. 

We were loaned a bunny to throw at our favorite or least favorite actor at the end of act one. I took aim and can report that I nailed my favorite, who was conveniently performing on my end of the stage.

I have the soundtrack so I was mouthing along to the singing. I know I am not a good singer so there was no danger of actually singing along.

On the other side of the state my father-in-law was growing kohlrabi. Our CSA introduced us to this vegetable but I've never seen one in the soil. It looks just as funky there as when I get it out of the box. They are so tasty though.

D was disappointed that the tomatoes were not ripe yet. We all know how he loves tomatoes.

My father-in-law also finished his Model A restoration. Why yes that is a trophy standing on the running board there. He does excellent work, doesn't he?

I could have driven it but WOW that is just a tinge too much responsibility for this girl. At least on this trip it was. We'll see if the offer still stands next year.

I love how the traveling box on the back completes the look. 

So that pretty much wraps up our summer vacation. Anyone want to visit South Dakota now?

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