Wednesday, August 20, 2014

An Exercise in Frustration

Gus has been feeling off these last few days. Nothing to see the vet about but his standard, Mom I don't feel good. I struggle with this because I know I cannot fix him but I want him to be as comfortable for as long as I can make him.

Last night while we were outside he vomited, whole body racking vomit. I carried him into the bedroom, settled him down and gave him a few treats to settle his stomach. Later I gave him an anti-nausea medication and coaxed him into eating.

This is our normal method now. Everybody stays calm and things will get better. I work very hard on not hovering, but it is quite difficult to fight my true nature.

Around four this morning he seemed a bit agitated. We had a nice petting session including rubbing his stiff enlarged knees. He calmed and we all went back to sleep.

This morning I spoon fed him some sweet potato baby food that helps calm intestinal inflammation. Then he ate a good helping of his regular wet food mixed with water.

When I went to clean his litter box I found he had over shot the edge. Hey this happens when your insides are feeling a bit off.

Then I noticed something in his poo, well really I noticed that something else made up the greater part, a 2x3 piece of plastic bag! No wonder he was not feeling good with a big ole hunk of plastic bag in his intestine!!

I marched myself over to where he was lounging on the bed and asked if he was trying to kill himself. I told him Mommy was very angry with him and that he should not be eating things like plastic.

Then I gave him his morning treats and he forgot all about what I said, because you know Greenies solve everything.

I say again it is tough being the Momma!

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