Sunday, August 17, 2014

I won't believe you

If you say that South Dakota is a flat, boring ugly state. I won't believe you because it is simply untrue. 

This is from a rest stop on the Missouri river. It is built on the hill overlooking the river.

Then we went over the river and headed into the grassland and haying part of the state.

Look at that big blue sky. Can you tell we share a border with Montana also known as Big Sky Country? We have a share of it too.

I really do love seeing bales by the side of the road. This year I saw a field so full of bales it was almost not to be believed. They must have had the perfect mix of rain and sunshine to get so many.

Somewhere around here we got the call about my Dad being in the hospital and I stopped taking pictures, and started worrying.

Dad seems to be adjusting to living in a nursing home. My Mom seems to be adjusting to it too. I think it is a weight off her shoulders. We all know that Dad is getting the care that he needs and that is a weight off our shoulders too.

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